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Life in Vietnam

Charity in Tra Vinh and the South of Vietnam

We are a small group of enthusiastic people whos goal is to help others. Located in Tra Vinh we perform small projects on site where help is needed. Basically here in Tra Vinh, but also in other provinces.

Mostly we provide help in form of food for the old and poor people and families but also school-stuff for kids or other things what is needed. Of course we are also looking that people learn to help themselves by supporting them in agricultural issues or providing them a better education. In case people cannot afford for hospital in serious issues we collect money for the hospital bill and organize transfer from home to hospital and back.

The biggest part in preparing such projects is collecting money. Usually we collect from our friends and people we know. But this is very limited. Because of this limitation we are now going to publicity using this website. The idea is that every Dollar, every Vietnam-Dong comes directly to the place where help is needed. We do not use any - even small - money for administrative things. This is also one reason why this website is quite simple.

Rural house in Tra Vinh countryside

Even Vietnam is a developing country the poverty is everywhere, especially in rural areas. As there is no social system every person has to take care herself. But life can be hard in those areas. So we keep in touch with the local people there and look for their needs. After evaluation we prepare what is to do and the best way for the local people.

Visiting a family

If you have any question to our work feel free to email us. Thanks.